54 Elm Street
Westerly RI  02891
Village Early Childhood Community
A Montessori Child Care Program for Preschool Children Age 2-5 
Montessori is education through wonder...

Our outside play space
 Now accepting DHS payments.
Surround children with beauty, order, trust, and respect in an environment that says "Yes, this is for you.  Touch, smell, hold, look closely, listen....let's test out your ideas," and watch them grow.
s children develop, you never know which experiences will be powerful for them.  Their beliefs, values, self-concept, self-confidence are all formed through observations of the world and through the results of their own actions on the environment.  Montessori philosophy says that children are in effect "hand-made", learning through doing, through real, hands-on activities that call to them and stimulate the senses.  
As they absorb each new experience and incorporate it into themselves, their ideas about themselves and the world adjust accordingly.  It is our belief that the early years are the most important, formative years for human development;  Montessori called this period the "absorbent mind".
 It is, therefore, our duty to offer them the very best of ourselves, the highest quality materials, and a beautiful, peaceful environment in which to grow.  Our child care program does just that, seeing each child as an individual full of potential with his/her own learning styles and interests.  
Because we are a small, in-home program, we become more like a family, with lots of freedom and flexibility to follow up on the things your child is passionate about.
Another important part of our philosophy is our belief that children grow best outside.  We dance in the rain and splash in puddles, sit quietly to watch tiny birds hatch, turn over logs to see pill bugs and earthworms, hold salamanders and crickets.  We climb trees, swing in real swings, pick dandelions, and grow food in our garden for snack.  We dig in the sandbox, climb on the climbers, and run through the sprinkler on warm summer days.  There are wild, magical places in the yard, just right for building fairy houses.  The natural world has a way of encouraging and protecting the child's sense of wonder, that deep feeling of awe that lends meaning to life.

Now that you as the grown-up want to come play here, too (I love it, because this IS my job), pick up the phone, make the call, and come see for yourself....then join our little family, knowing that your child is in the best of care.
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